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Mondays: 7:30-8:30pm All-levels Group Parkour Class

                 8:30-9:30pm Open Gym (experience required to attend open gym sessions) Ask us about it.

Wednesdays: 6:15-7:15pm All-levels Group Parkour Class

                  7:15-8:15pm Open Gym (experience required to attend open gym sessions)

Thursdays:  6:15-7:15pm ParkourFit (See description below)

Sundays: 4-6pm Open Gym (experience required to attend open gym sessions)



Want to shake up your approach toward achieving your fitness goals? Want to develop strength and agility while having fun and developing practical skills? ParkourFit is a way to become as fit as a parkour athlete, without fully immersing yourself in the discipline. This class consists of only those elements of parkour that have a direct fitness benefit. We have also removed movements whose risk to fitness ratio are above a certain threshold. Each session will be a mix of crawling, vaulting, swinging, jumping, calisthenics and gymnastic-inspired exercises that will be incredibly fun and give you a full-body, truly functional workout.

Important note on scheduling: We use an online registration system that is required for participation in group classes and open gyms. We cannot guarantee a class or open gym unless you pre-register. It is possible that the class will be full or that we are closed for some specific reason. Please always pre register to ensure a given class or open gym for yourself. If the class/open gym does not appear on the calendar of our signup page, then there is no session for that day. Thanks for your help!