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Reclaim your Innate Movement.

Reclaim your Innate Movement.

A little window into our rich, diverse community of passionate movement enthusiasts. Join us!

Innate Movement Parkour offers group and private parkour classes in Ulster county and the Hudson Valley. Parkour is a holistic discipline that develops natural movement patterns and supports a healthy lifestyle for its practitioners. It is for everyone and requires no baseline fitness level.


Our Parkour coaches are dedicated practitioners of this discipline and have trained in the art of teaching it with A.D.A.P.T. (the only certification with the endorsement of parkour's founders).

Safety is our first priority. Recklessness has no place in parkour.

Photos Courtesy of Erica Ascher, The New Paltz Oracle


Our main indoor training facility is located in the historic Shirt FCTORY BUILDING at 77 cORNELL sTREET, sUITE 117, Kingston, NY 12401. The parkour gym is MINUTES FROM The New York State Thruway, 45 minutes from Albany, 15 mINUTES from Woodstock, 10 mINUTES from Rhinebeck and Red Hook, 15 minutes from Stone Ridge and 20 MINUTES from New Paltz. Natural. Movement. gym.

Innate Movement Parkour - Natural human movement