Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I wear to class?

Sneakers, as well as comfortable clothing like t-shirts, sweatpants and shorts.

2. What can I expect at class?

Each session is unique, which is part of the fun, but you can expect certain key elements. The main focus of each class will be physical challenges, routes/courses, and skill games. In addition there will always be a period of physical conditioning and, often, drills designed to hone certain techniques for application in future challenges, routes and games!

3. Can I try a sample class for less than full price?

Due to the high demand for spots in our classes, we are unable to provide discounted trials, unfortunately. However, we are really confident in the value of what we do and that you will be happy you came.

4. Are there multi-child/multiple unit discounts?

Yes! If you purchase more than one concurrent unit, whether for a second child or not, the additional units can be further reduced by an additional 17%! Ask us for the discount code!

5. Why are the Kid and Teen Classes more expensive than the adult classes?

The small difference in cost reflects the difference in the level of supervision required. Adults are, on average, more self-regulating and responsible than children and teenagers, and therefore require less intensive intervention and support to remain focused and safe.

6. Is parkour dangerous?

No. Parkour involves risk, not danger. The difference is that risks can be calculated and controlled. Parkour tends to be safer than many other athletic pursuits because you control all the factors influencing the level of risk, as opposed to a team sport, for example, where you can't control the velocity and angles of the other players and the ball, which results in danger.

Customer Policies

1. Code of conduct:
Parkour is a discipline and must be approached with a calm, focused mindset. The safety of
oneself and the other participants depends on each person comporting themselves in a way that
reflects a calm, focused mindset. While not exhaustive, the following is a list of behaviors that,
depending on either frequency and/or severity may result in removal and/or prohibition from
classes at the head coach's discretion:
1. Yelling/unnecessary noise
2. Pushing/wrestling/fighting
3. Emotional outbursts
4. Disregard for the personal space of others.
5. Intentional destruction of property where we train
6. Recklessness of any kind
7. Failure to follow coaches' instructions
8. Teasing/bullying of other students
9. Lack of respect for the discipline of parkour
In the event that a student is asked not to return to classes, they, or their parents as applicable,
will receive a refund of any payments left unredeemed.
2. Class cancellations:
In the event of a class cancellation, whether planned or due to unforeseeable circumstances, an
email will be sent to the affected students and the class will be removed from the online
registration schedule page. Because it is possible for emails to be missed or bounced back, we
encourage students to check the online registration schedule page before each class to ensure it is
happening. Regarding weather-related cancellations, we follow the lead of the Kingston City School District during the school week; if they cancel after school activities for weather, we are cancelled too. If the student has prepaid for the class, a credit will be issued to their account to be applied to their next visit. If the cancelled class is part of a prepaid unit, a makeup class will be offered, if possible, and, if not, the student will receive a discount code for the value of the class.
3. Safety rules:
a. No yelling
b. No games of tag without permission
c. No wrestling/fighting
d. No jumping from something higher than your chest
e. No climbing on top of something higher than your head without permission
f. Communicate/ensure clear path before jumping/swinging/running
g. Request a spot before trying something you're unsure of
h. No going upside down from bars/rings without coaches spotting or giving permission.